Saturna is the rock ‘n’ roll band you want to listen to before, during, and after the party. Their debut EP …All Night serves up a tantalizing cocktail of ethereal guitars and riveting drums, tender harmonies and heart-ripping hooks.

With a swirl of melody and a pulsing drift of guitar, the wordless beauty of “Springboard” launches your night. You sip a vodka tonic, and you’re off. You plunge straight into the city blasting “Pop Rocks.” The tick-tock drums and fuzzed-out Love & Rockets-style vocals spark something ferocious inside you. You finish another drink and drop your glass. You lose your friends, your money, and half your senses, but the sexy bassline keeps looping through your brain. It’s not enough. You want more. More. So the night gets nastier: “Just for Thrills” slashes you with dirty riffs. You sneer and smile, blurring through bars and parties. Streets and cars and clubs and shows. The song drags you snarling through an underworld of twisted love, but then the harmonic chorus shimmers above the rumble. For a moment you can think. Where are you? What did you just do with who? Forget it. Too late. You’ve passed the turning point and begun the long glide toward dawn with “Blanket of Stars.” Finally, in the melancholic “Chasing the Unpredictable,” you face the sun and try to figure out what it all meant. One thing is certain: you want Saturna’s …All Night again.

Charismatic Ryan Carroll graces lead vocals and rhythm guitar; while Eric Block, the most unassuming rock god in America, manhandles lead guitar; and Steve Anderson, detail-crazed genius inventor, takes on drums, bass, and backup vocals.

Mixing swagger and sweetness, Saturna soundtracks your whole night—from sundown to downtown to dawn.

—Kirk Perry